Worship Keys

Worship Keys

Wouldn’t you love to enhance the worship experience with your playing? Dana offers coaching and training for traditional and contemporary worship keyboardists—both intermediate and advanced.

Adults and teens can advance your skills to play more confidently, flow seamlessly in worship and create transitions that are smooth and easy to follow.

Local students enjoy in-studio coaching, while long-distance students benefit from online lessons via Skype or FaceTime.

Dana created Worship Keys Coaching™ for all levels of worship keyboardists…  whether you read music fluently, barely, or only chord charts.

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"I've only had three lessons so far, but OH MY GOODNESS! Dana has taught me chords and progressions that I never would have thought to do. I look forward to my lessons because I know that I will learn something that will not only help me personally, but help my church in praise and worship." —Greg Hamon