About Dana


Learn from a Recognized Leader

Dana Martin has helped dozens of students achieve their dreams of playing professionally and for ministry as well as becoming teachers themselves for more than 35 years.

Through years of experience she has developed her own unique way of teaching, coaching and mentoring students to become the pianists and keyboardists they desire to be.

Dana serves with her husband, Anthony as Co-Music Director for the Kentucky Ministries Network of the Assemblies of God. 

They partner together to bring other worship leaders, vocalists and musicians together for state-wide worship services for district events for the Assemblies of God. They host a state-wide worship conference each year, bringing in nationally-known speakers and worship leaders such as J. Daniel Smith, Mark Condon and more. Dana and Anthony also hold workshops at the local level in churches all across the state. And they’re actively involved in their home church worship experience, leading parishioners into the presence of God every week.

Dana also serves as an evaluator for fine arts competitions at the state and national levels, and several of her students are award winners.

She’s studied under various teachers and musicians from diverse backgrounds, who have widely-varying teaching styles and philosophies.

She has experience playing many styles of piano, including classical, praise and worship, gospel, jazz, ragtime, and various styles of popular music and has played professionally in a variety of settings. Dana has also studied songwriting and enjoys writing and performing original music.

Dana currently serves as the pianist and co-music director at True Life Church in Lexington, Kentucky.

She has a passion for worship music—contemporary and traditional—and especially enjoys teaching this type of music to students who are interested. Because she understands passion for music, she loves helping students achieve their musical passion as well.

Dana believes learning music should be fun as well as educational, and this philosophy is reflected in her teaching style. She teaches ear-training, improvisation and transposing to all her students, a unique quality you won’t find in many teachers.